Roleplay Road Trip


VoidHeart Symphony: Kill or Cure

December 7, 2019

Welcome to the city of LasBeq, often referred to as just 'The City'. A group of loosely bound individuals have a new target, Lewis Gardner, a doctor who's tricked a friend of the group, August Boyd into trying a new cancer treatment. The treatment isn't going well, and now Lewis Gardner has set their sights on the Lark's Coworkers. While they've only visited The Castle once before, they're ready to brave it again to save their friends and coworkers, even if it means asking the question of Lewis Gardner, Kill or Cure?

Story Teller:

Kyle ("Davie Pop")
Lance ("Junpei Torodoki")
Maria ("Mercedes Luna")
Nick ("Bobby Walker")
Robert ("Lark Gaymend")
Steven ("Pale")

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