Roleplay Road Trip


Legacy of Myr 001

September 9, 2016

Legacy of Myr

Session 1
DM: Ash
System: D&D 5e
Maria is playing Linney, a tinker gnome guild artisan who's taken a liking to adventure (I'll leave her class ambiguous since she's considering changing it).
Kenny is Hurgon, a goliath barbarian who seems to be much more interesting than the stupid brute people may imagine from a former farmer.
Jared is playing Vexen, an abyssal tiefling trained in the forbidden art of Blood Magic, fleeing from a broken heart and looking for the spark of life adventuring once gave him.
Chris is playing De Loach, a human storm sorcerer seeking to fight against the oppression of his people.
Chet is playing Luke, a mysterious Monk with visions of a terrible, apocalyptic future, sent by his master to seek answers and allies.
Robert is playing Amaire, a drow cleric of unknown origins seeking to explore a world she barely knows and discover the secrets of her past.