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Bright Future ep013

"Old Grey Goose"

Campaign: Bright Future, Age of Orion
Episode: 13
Grouping: Season 5, (Act 2)

Gilly (Maria), Catella (Lisa), and Anna (Ash), find themselves in a new place, in the midst of a storm.


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Bright Future ep012

"Watch It Burn"

Campaign: Bright Future, Age of Orion
Episode: 12
Grouping: Season 5, (Act 1 Close)
Theme: Burn it Down - Tech N9ne

Gilly (Maria), Catella (Lisa), Anna (Ash), and Godard (Jason), race to defuse a Weave Concentrator in the city of Chakai. Will they get there soon enough or watch it all burn?


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Critical Mass ep007

EPISODE: "Family Matters"

CAMPAIGN: Critical Mass
SESSION: Lost Mine of Phandelver, Part VIII
DM: Jason

Nadia (Steven), Alexi (Lance), Dellana (Rachel) and Zealot (Ash) procure the help of a border collie cleric, pick an arcane tarot card at random and perform for a mischievous band of gremlins. 

Recorded January 1, 2017, at the Wallace household.
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