Roleplay Road Trip


Bright Future 000

"Character Creation"

Campaign: Bright Future, Age of Orion
Episode: 0
Grouping: Season 5
Character Creation, yeah it doesn't always make great radio.

Curse of Strahd 014

"What We Escape"

Campaign: Curse of Strahd
Episode: 14
Grouping: Season 4.5
When things come to a climax, we're left with choices. How do we adapt to changing circumstances, how do we survive with what's happened, with what we've done. In the end, when we don't win, we're left with what we escape.

Organizational Meeting

Sorry, no session this week. Here's a behind the scenes look at how we organize ourselves. It's a mess, it's loud, but somehow we manage to get things done.

Regular episodes should be coming more frequently, hopefully most than once a week as well.

Thanks for listening
See you on the road

Curse of Strahd 013

"Dark Horizons"

Campaign: Curse of Strahd
Episode: 13
Grouping: Season 4.5
All is not well, cracks grow in the party, perhaps the end is closer than they think. Watch those dark clouds on the horizon.

One Shot: Red Markets

"Iowa Nice"

Rules: Red Markets (Backer Preview)
Episode: 1
Grouping: One Shot
Our first look into Red Markets, using the Kick Started backer rules preview, not the final rules.
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